Workshops & Group Programs

Everything’s better with friends!

I run various nutrition and wellness workshops, webinars and group health challenges throughout the year, both online and in-person.  Stay up-to-date via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email to be in the know on what cool events I have coming up.  And be sure to join us, it’ll be fun, really!

But why wait? Organize your neighborhood friend crew to do a group health challenge together.  Make “wellness work” for your company and have me in to host an educational workshop.  Or maybe you’re a member of a community group that would benefit from a nutrition and wellness talk?  Contact me and we can discuss how to make it happen! 

One program that is always a hit is my ever-popular Personal Grocery Store Workshop. This is where I get to spend time with you (and one of your friends if you like) at a local grocery store offering personalized guidance as we navigate the aisles together. Check it out below.  And no worries, I’ll let you push the cart.

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Personal Grocery Store Workshop (45 minutes)

You’re walking through the grocery store intent on making the healthiest food choices for you and your loved ones. You look at the abundance of products on the shelves with their health marketing jargon shouting back at you and you wish to yourself, “If only I had a nutrition expert right next to me who could decipher all this for real life and guide me to the healthiest choices.”

Wish granted. 

I wanted to make my grocery store workshop a personalized hands-on experience because, really, you can’t eat healthy if you’re unclear on how to buy healthy food.  So what better way to solve that dilemma then by spending the actual food buying time with just you, me and your shopping list.  I’ll help you cut through the marketing hype, show you what to look for on nutrition and ingredient labels, and guide you to making a healthier choice that works for your food preferences.  You’ll go home with a few handy tip sheets, a bag full of good-for-you food and a lot more health food shopping confidence.   Sounds cool, right?  Then how about bringing a friend!

What’s Included?

  • 1 x 45 Minute Grocery Store Tour
  • 1 x Follow-up Phone/Online Video Chat
  • 3 x Grocery Shopping Handouts:
    • Easy-peasy Portions
    • Read ‘em and eat: Nutrition and Ingredient labels
    • Get Hip to the (Marketing) Hype
  • Personalized tips, education and strategies for making healthy food choices

Ready to make long-lasting change to your health by working one-on-one with a nutrition and wellness expert? Great idea! Head over to my Nutrition & Wellness page for more information on my private coaching services.