Meaningful Mondays, Week #8: Appreciation in Action

Appreciation in Action

We’ve spent the last number of weeks being grateful for the little things that make our lives brighter, the people and places that made a difference to us, our ability to bring energy to the day and to give hope to all those we encounter. As we look to the new year we are going to turn our “Attitude of Gratitude” into “Appreciation in Action”. Using the below format, take time this week to write down 3 or more specific things you are grateful for and use this insight to commit to definitive actions you will take in 2017:

“I am grateful for………., so I will commit to ………..”

For example, “I am grateful for having a healthy and functioning body so I will commit to taking care of it by walking 3 times each week.”; “I am grateful for the success in my career so I will commit to mentoring and supporting a less experienced co-worker to reach their career goals.”

Are you grateful for your expertise in photography, guitar, gardening, etc? Share your knowledge by volunteering at a local library to offer a free class. Are you grateful for the support you received from a friend this year? Everyone needs someone to be in their corner, pay it forward and work to support and promote a friend or acquaintance for the things they do. Are you grateful for your daughter’s independent spirit? Commit to stepping back and letting her unique self shine through this year.

Appreciation in Action 2017…make it happen Blue Birchers!