Meaningful Mondays, Week #1: My Life Rocks!

My Life Rocks!

We are going to start our “Meaningful Mondays” series with an exercise I like to call ”My Life Rocks!”

Each day this week write down 2 things that you are grateful for: one from an experience that day and one from your life overall.

Be specific and don’t worry if the daily items seem ordinary (“Both my kids got up and out the door for school without any prompting from me” or “Saw a such a nice sunset on commute home from work”), these small life events we take for granted all add up to a pretty sweet life!

When reflecting on your life overall, think of goals you’ve reached, opportunities you have, something you know you do well, people that have made an impact on you, a hobby you’re able to take part in.

And to encourage mindfulness that the act of writing by hand can create, I’ve attached a daily sheet below you can print out and use each day. Have fun with this Blue Birchers, it’s your life, and it totally rocks!

My LIfe Rocks! – bluebirchwellness