July 3, 2018


Are you melting? I’m melting.  We’re gonna need some serious hydration Blue Birchers and this DIY Watermelon Coconut Sport Drink is just the thing.  Although coconut water has been all the rage as a sports drink replacement, it doesn’t really live up to alll the electrolyte hype. Buttttt….add watermelon for additional potassium along with lots of other good stuff, and a smidge of salt for sodium, and you have yourself a hydrating drink that hits all the marks for a recovery drink…and here’s the best part…It. Is. Delish.  BB Tip: Up the refreshing part by freezing your coconut water in ice cube trays first, then blend it all together for a slushie you can feel good about!

1 cup chopped watermelon

1 cup coconut water

Juice from one half of a lime

smidge of salt

Combine all ingredients together in a blender.  Drink immediately and stay coooool!


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